Join us on our Sunbury Journey

Hello all! Our website is published and we are beyond excited to share the start of our Sunbury Archery journey with you. Although the site is currently limited with information, we are focusing on our blog to keep you updated with our progress. We welcome you to join us on our journey in coming months, from zoning to construction, to the much anticipated opening of our store. This is an interesting time to start a business with COVID-19 health concerns lingering. We will be as flexible as possible working with our contractors to be sure state guidelines are followed and we keep everyone involved healthy and safe as we move forward.

As we learn more in the coming weeks, we will share our progress, but in the meantime here is what to expect; our 18,900 sq ft facility and our dedicated team will be here for you for all your archery and hunting needs. We’ll have a stocked pro shop with one of the best bow-techs around to get your gear tuned. And with one of the largest 18 meter indoor ranges in the midwest, you can get plenty of practice in. Oh… and by the way, the indoor range can be adjusted to shoot up to 50 meters indoors. You heard that right… I said INDOORS! And if that’s not far enough for you to fling arrows, simply step back to our outdoor range.

If you’re new to archery, looking to hone your skills, or even better, looking to bring your kids into an exciting sport, we’ll be offering lessons to archers of all abilities and ages. Our experienced coaching staff will bring fun and focus to our athletes with club activities, group lessons and personal coaching. Archery truly is a lifelong sport, and our passionate instructors are excited to introduce you to it. 

Thanks for your interest and we can’t wait to show you more in the coming weeks so stay tuned and reach out with any questions to how we can help you today!

Phone: 614-519-3994 or