Beginner Archery Lesson Program

Our beginner archery program establishes the foundations of the sport itself. Our program features USA Archery Certified coaches and instructors who are trained and taught at the highest levels from the most prominent and successful programs in the country. Our goal is to teach in our beginner program the basics of archery, range safety, equipment styles and establishing a baseline form for future success. 

Each week we build upon the lesson of the week prior, and our curriculum is developed in line with USA Archery’s NTS method (National Training Standard) and include:

Identifying the equipment and selecting. Range Safety and procedures, Basic introduction to shooting. Teaching the archer proper stance and archery posture. Establishing a solid platform for success. Proper hand placement on the string and grip styles and their impact on the shot process. How to engaging the core, as well as locating a proper anchor.


All equipment needed is provided for all participants at no extra charge. 


At Sunbury archery and Ace Archers we place a lot of weight on Safety while establishing basic techniques and proper form. We do understand that each athlete will develop at their own pace and we assure that all of our coaches are properly trained through USA Archery development, and through team sessions to assure we are up to date on the current development of the sport. 

Class Size: Minimum of 3 max of 9

Class Duration is 1 Hour

5 Week’s Long, 1 day a week


Cost - $130